Writer/Copy Editor

We live in an increasingly textual world – tweets, posts, blogs, texts, emails, to name a few – where what you say is easily marred by the flawed way in which you say it. Even brief missives can be challenging to compose with skill and fluidity, and longer documents are time-consuming as well.

As a writer-for-hire, an editor to improve the quality of documents you’ve written yourself, or someone to mentor your unique writing process, Cie can greatly enhance your ability to speak precisely, authentically, and productively, and help you craft copy that commands attention and communicates with maximum efficiency.

  • Imaginative storytelling
  • Eloquent speech writing
  • Technical writing that makes complex ideas lucid, simple, digestible
  • Effective content development
  • Fastidious proofreading
  • Exacting and thorough copy editing
  • Skillful and experienced mentoring and tutoring

Samples of Work


Non-Fiction Storytelling



Guest Blogging

Technical Writing

Writing samples and copy editing by Cie Peterson