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About Cie Peterson: Voiceover Artist

As a thoroughly professional voiceover talent with a home studio, great training, an impeccable work ethic, and joyful energy, you will find me to be very easy and pleasant to work with. My voice has a warm and textured tone, and my delivery style is versatile, ranging from informative to compassionate, sexy to fun. Because I am such a well-trained actor, I positively shine when given a character or animation to bring to life. Building relationships is my top priority, which in today’s world means tossing out those old written-in-stone rate cards. So if you need to get a job done and you need to adhere to a budget (and who doesn’t?), give me a holler. I am happy to discuss any job – small or large, my home studio or your recording studio – and happier still to audition anytime, so go ahead and ask me to. The samples on this website are intended to provide a sense of the range of work I have done in the past. To see the work I can do for you in the future, let’s discuss your particular job and your specific needs.

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Samples of Work

Virtual Gala

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(After all, talking is what she does!)