The Reviews Are In...

Cie Peterson is the thinking-est person I know. There’s always something percolating in that very capable brain. My collaborations [with Cie] have demonstrated beyond any question her boundless creativity, estimable intellectual gifts, her high-energy, integrity, focus and determination—and, I hasten to add, her command of the English language. In the acting studio, Cie’s students have benefited at least as much from her knowledge and rigor as from her kindness, her supportive manner, and her remarkable insight and sensitivity. She models a degree of personal integrity and hews to ethical standards that exceed the merely acceptable by a wide margin. Equally importantly, through the driest of lessons and the toughest of social situations, Cie will bring to bear her big sense of humor and her even bigger heart.

Jan Neuberger

AEA, SAG-AFTRA Actor; Independent Writer

I truly feel that Cie is one of the people the world should know.  This is not a claim made hyperbolically.  She is not only a talented artist, but she is one who achieves things. Most recently we worked together to create our own independent television show, If I Had A Dime.  I was merely the cowriter. This was Cie’s project, and to see the full power of her entrepreneurial spirit was absolutely amazing. But, her finest quality is her kindness.  She engenders loyalty because she is always honest in her dealings, both personal and professional. The amount of resources we had available to us on If I Had A Dime, professional actors, editors, and sound engineers who donated their time and talents, is a credit to Cie’s character and her compassion.

Don Kelly

MFA Creative Writing; Staff Writer Spectrum Culture

Cie brings a range of incredible talents to her film projects: storytelling, directing, editing, visual vision, voiceovers, talent coordination, project management and much more. She is a quick study, thorough, and exacting. Her “do-it” ethos, combined with a lovely personality, makes Cie a partner I highly recommend.

Aaron Wartner

President BuzzEngine Marketing & Events

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cie on multiple projects and, whether I’m in need of a voice (ages 8 to 80), a creative opinion on a script, or a keen eye to take a look at a rough cut and tell me why it’s not working, she is always eager to contribute just the right ingredient for the job. Her passion is infectious and her energy, boundless. I truly value her as a colleague.

Jim Azzara

Video Editor at StudioRx; Independent Filmmaker

What I can say with absolute sincerity and confidence is that of every skill to which Cie lays claim she is at the least a master. I am retired now and liking it very much, but for a chance to work with Cie, I would take a sabbatical from my retirement.

James Heath

Freelance Education Consultant; Former English/Drama Teacher Avon HS

If you believe in first impressions like I believe in first impressions, then you too believe in Cie Peterson. I met with Cie about a job at ABC Radio way back in the 1980’s. Her focus, her energy, her drive to succeed were only outdone by her true talents! Years later she still has the same passion, same drive, same energy, and same talent that I knew in our first meeting. Turns out my first impression has been everlasting!!!

Ed Feibischoff

ABC/ESPN Sports Producer; 7 time Emmy Award Winner

I would recommend Cie highly as a voiceover talent, director, producer, writer, and project supervisor…all roles I have seen her excel at. Cie is a pleasure to work with and personable. She is also highly organized and expert at organizing complex projects into prioritized components, so the job gets done in the most efficient and effective manner possible. It’s unusual to find real executive and management skills in a person who is also a highly talented actor, writer, and director. That’s exactly what you get with Cie Peterson.

Bruce Bayley Johnson

Disney Voice Actor/Owner Bruce B. Johnson Superspots Inc.

Cie always delivers with great results. She has the energy and enthusiasm to take on most anything you throw at her. Cie is a hands-on self-starter that knows what questions to ask in order to understand our goals and she stays focused on delivering exactly what we ask of her. She remains our “go to” person whenever we need outside help and guidance.

Curt Rogers

CEO Brillium Inc.

In all Cie’s lessons and classes, her knowledge of the subject matter has been outstanding. However, what has been paramount is her ability to connect with the young people in the program, to understand their motivations and their hesitancies, but still get such involvement from them. Her passion for teaching, for imparting knowledge, is extremely evident. Her preparation and organization of materials shows her excellent writing background. And, of course, her presentational skills are phenomenal.

Brenda D. Lopez

Former Associate Director of Education at The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts

Cie Peterson is an extraordinary director and teacher. Her ability to find the seeds of truth in each actor’s performance and cultivate it until it blossoms, made my experience with her one of the most gratifying – and edifying — of my career.  And what a boon for students! This same approach guides students to that place in each of them where the truth lives, and gives them the technique to bring it to the stage. She turns students into actors, and actors into artists.

Robert Resnikoff

AEA, SAG-AFTRA Actor; Former WQXR Radio Host

What a joy to write about a teacher, mentor, and friend as special as Cie Peterson. The scope of her influence on our community is impossible to track in its entirety, but it is a delight to speak to my tiny piece of it. I was thirteen when I first met Cie and learned about Play On! Acting Studio. Not long after, I stubbornly announced to my parents that I was quitting classical piano to take acting classes. Looking back on those years, I don’t know how Cie juggled it all. Her administrative and managerial skills are so impeccable, it never dawned on me that she was running this business, teaching its classes, having a family, and working on countless other projects simultaneously. She left all that at the door.

As much as I loved her as a teenager, I admire her drive and self-sufficiency even more now, as a professional woman. One of Cie’s most unique talents is adapting instantly to her environment, be it a small group of seasoned performers or a room full of beginners. She has a gift for encouraging others without condescension, finding humor at every turn, and relentlessly believing in people. Cie’s generosity and creativity would make her such an asset to any community. I’m excited to see what’s next for her, and I will always be deeply proud to have been her student.

Madeline Smith

Broadway Music Director, Arranger, Orchestrator, and Conductor

Cie is very diligent and well organized, and proved to be an absolute asset in projects where her exceptional writing skills and creative thinking brought balance and life to normally mundane, technical text. Cie is a great collaborator, mentor, and teacher, and she always helps the team maintain the highest of standards on any initiative. Her quality of work, coupled with her fast-paced work ethic, experience, and personality make her an invaluable part of any venture.

Michael Hurczyn

Brand & Partnerships Director at FCP Euro

Cie Peterson was the first teacher I ever had who never placed limits on me as a growing actor. No theatrical concept was beyond me in her eyes. Now, a professional actor in TV and film in Los Angeles, I still think of my training with Cie as the foundation.  In a world that tries to teach gimmicks and acting shortcuts, Cie stuck to her guns and taught actors, regardless of their previous experience, to approach their work with honesty, moment to moment. Cie is truly a gift to study with.  I would recommend her to actors at all stages of their craft.

Marissa Skell