Business Consultant

On-site Team-building Workshops

Treat your team to a purposeful diversion that nurtures a cooperative and collective spirit. Cie will work with you – or for you – to create a workshop that meets your individual needs.


Public Speaking/Presentation Skills

Have a speech to deliver or a presentation to make? You can greatly enhance your ability to speak with self-confidence and assurance with coaching from Cie.


Interview Tips/Prep

Learn how to get out of your own way with simple adjustments in focus and intention that can make all the difference in the world. Start here. 


Resume/Cover Letter Review

Professional writers rely on editors to polish and perfect their work. Give yourself the same edge. A staggering number of resumes contain errors; don’t let yours be one of them!


Document Proofreading/Review

Even the best writing can be improved by a good copy/content editor, which is why even the best writers have one. If you are writing to impress, you should have one too.

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