As a director-for-hire, Cie’s keen eye, visionary leadership, and uncanny ability to foster a safe and collaborative atmosphere make her the ideal choice for schools, theaters, and production companies in need of an outside director.

Contact Cie to discuss any project: small or large, professional or amateur, theatrical or videotaped, live action or animated. She will commit wholeheartedly to crafting an exquisite whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Beige on Both Sides  —  Original digital series (also writer/producer)

The Children’s Story  —  Ferguson Theatre

If I Had a Dime  —  Original cartoon series (also writer/creator)

Brighton Beach Memoirs  —  Playhouse on Park

An Evening of One-Acts  —  Highlander Theater Company

Nutcracker Suite – party scene  —  Dance Inc.

End-of-year Showcases  —  Play On! Acting Studio

Click  —  Reverie Productions, NYC

The Nerd  —  Archbishop Molloy High School

Lovers and Other Strangers  —  The Village Players

Our Town  —  Archbishop Molloy High School

If Men Played Cards Like Women Do  —  St. John’s Alumni Theatre Group

Directing a play calls for a range of skills: the English teacher’s gift for close reading and sensitivity to the nuances of language; the architect’s ability to shape space; the choreographer’s sense of flow and movement; the photographer’s eye for framing a picture. Most importantly, it requires the diplomat’s ability to foster a sense of shared purpose among a phalanx of collaborators—producer, playwright, designers, stage manager, and actors—in the service of bringing to life a unified, coherent artistic vision. It’s tough for any director to possess equal strength in all of these job descriptions, but Cie Peterson is the exception who does.

I first met Cie when she directed me in a production of Brighton Beach Memoirs. Despite an abbreviated rehearsal period and a minuscule budget, she deftly guided her collaborators to a common understanding of the world of the playwright. Her natural warmth and good humor fostered a safe, healthy rehearsal atmosphere, and though she was as quick to listen as to speak, there was no mistaking her ultimate authority. Cie demonstrated her qualification to direct in the best possible way, without displays of ego or temperament. She simply did her job—or in this case, her jobs.

Jan Neuberger’s (A.E.A., SAG-AFTRA) extensive resume includes five Broadway original casts. At Playhouse on Park (Hartford, CT), she played Kate in BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS under Cie’s direction. Subsequently performing her own one-woman show at the Playhouse, Jan called upon Cie to shape the production.  

Jan Neuberger


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