Take the A Train(ing)

how to get your ACTING career on track

How old were you when you knew you wanted to become an actor?
I was four. By the time I was thirteen, I was studying at the prestigious Gene Frankel Theater in Manhattan, certain that I was on the road to success.… until I discovered that the road was a twistier and bumpier one than I had expected.

In the decades that have transpired since, I have garnered a vast wealth of knowledge about acting and actors, especially in my work as a director of countless theatrical, video, and digital projects, and a master teacher, workshop leader, and much in-demand private acting coach.

Now I have written an e-book to share some of that knowledge, including…

  • how you already possess most of the skills you need to be an effective actor
  • some of the biggest myths about what constitutes great acting
  • the main difference between working on a theatrical stage vs. a soundstage
  • resources to help you get started straightaway
Actor Training lessons

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