When I was four years old, I stepped foot on a stage for the first time. I played the Dolly everyone sang hello to, a bah-bah black sheep that had some wool, and two other roles that clearly did not make a lasting impression. By the time the curtain came down, I was certain I had found my life’s true calling.

Growing up just outside New York City, it was easy for me to find acting classes, first a local one and then a much more prestigious one in the city. I loved everything about it and felt like my career was on the right path… until I discovered that the road to becoming an actor was twistier and bumpier than I had expected.

In the many years that have transpired since then, I have garnered a vast wealth of knowledge about acting and actors, especially in my roles as a director of countless theatrical, video, and digital projects, and a master teacher and private acting coach for nearly two decades. My lifelong work continues to be rewarding, gratifying, and a tremendous joy, one of the greatest of which is working with actors to teach them all the things I wish someone had taught me about acting, auditioning, the business in general, and why it’s never really about “rejection” at all!

So whether you are gifted with a tremendous support system or flailing about trying to do it on your own, know that what will really sustain you on the twisty and bumpy journey ahead is excellent training, boatloads of experience, and the kind of knowledge that will empower YOU to be the best arbiter of your own work.

This free e-book will help you get started. To be notified when the next one becomes available or for more information about workshops and/or private coaching, email me at cie@ciepeterson.com.

Are you ready to take the A Train(ing)?

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