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Directors in CT and NY area


Realizing a vision, coaxing excellence in performance, and crafting superb productions that adhere to professional standards.

Coaching for aspiring actors in Connecticut


Vocal versatility, solid acting skills, a home studio, and the patient commitment required to deliver the perfect take.

Coaching for aspiring actors in Connecticut


A guiding hand that is simultaneously serious in purpose, earnest in intent, rigorous in approach, and joyful in process.

Copy editor for website, blog and print content


Crafting snappy copy, winsome articles, and lucid documentation that command attention and are meticulously error-free.

Clouds and a Waffle

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Unearthing stories that need to be told and then telling them well… that is what Clouds and a Waffle Productions is all about.

A Cie Peterson Original

When groovy actress Miranda Davis slides headlong into unforeseen debt and an unrelenting debt collector, she sets out to rescue herself armed only with spunk, a can-do gal pal, and a starry-eyed scheme to spin the mundane into the must watch! Cartoon reality TV . . . reality TV just got a whole lot smarter.